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5 First Date Secrets All Guys Have To Live By

A first date can be a big deal. If she's the type of girl that you really like and you feel that the initial spark was there then its game on and you have to bring your A game. Attractive girls have options and if you do not meet her standards then she will simply move on. While this can make you feel some added pressure, its really a good thing. If you are taking the first date with her this seriously then she is probably worth it – which means you have to do all you can to turn it into something more.

What most guys fail to realize is that the purpose of a first date is not get laid or to ask her to marry you. Its simply about making a connection. You need to make it fun enough for her to want to see you again. Your main goal should be to get a second date. Without you look like Brad Pitt she will probably need some time to start liking you.

Here are 5 very important first date secrets you can use with confidence.

1. Timing
Being fashionably late is not cool nor is it recommended. Its bad manners to leave a lady waiting and it can leave a very bad first impression. Most women feel very self conscious when they are left waiting alone in a restaurant or bar. Try and be 10 minutes early. It will give you an opportunity to set your nerves and get comfortable with the surroundings.

2. Nerves
Its normal to be nervous because of the situation but its important that you channel those nerves into excitment. The secret is to not put any "price tag" on the date. Your goal is to have fun and to make sure that she has fun. Nervous guys are almost always very boring.

3. Honesty
Its only normal to want to impress a girl and because of these guys can often step over the boundary by trying to impress a girl. I'm not saying most guys lie but most guys do add a bit of sauce to make themselves sound better than they really are. Do not do this. Its very transparent. Be brutally honest instead. You will find that most girls respond much better to that.

4. Fun
Are you a fun guy? Well, if you are make sure that she knows and sees this. If you are not then you better shape up. If you are boring and boring then no girl will want to spend time with you. You need to have fun and interesting and make the date fun – if you want her to come back for more.

5. Friendship
Maybe you like her very (very) much and you want things to progress back at your place. Resist the temptation. Your goal is to put friendship first. Not only does it take a lot of pressure off the evening but you will find that you are much more relaxed. Women can sense if you want to just get laid. Focus on making a friend and see where it goes. As an attitude that can do wonders for your dating skills.

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