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5 Good Reasons to Buy Gold Coins Now

As the world's economy stutters along, and the economic future looks a bit cloudy, it would be a good idea to consider the ordinary man in the street could go about protecting his hard earned nest egg if the world slipped into a full recession.

One of the more practical ways to protect your wealth is to find gold coins for sale and add them to your investment portfolio. Here are 5 good reasons Why that be a good idea.

1) Gold has an intrinsic value that has been recognized and utilized by man for thousands of years.In times of economic instability, gold has maintained or even increased it's value.

2) Gold coins are a practical and legal way for individuals to physically keep gold.

3) Most gold bullion coins have a certifiable content of gold (usually 1 oz or fractions hereof) and thus the value of gold coins is easily determined as it will track the quoted value of 1 oz gold on the open market. In some cases, rare gold coins may have an enhanced value due to their scarcity factor.

4) You can easily sell gold coins as there is always a market for gold. In times of need you are that not stuck with an asset you can not liquidate.

5) You can buy one gold coin at a time and build your pool of wealth keeping gold coins up over time if you have not got much spare cash to invest right now.

Any investment guru worth his or her salt will advocate keeping a portion of your assets in gold. The percentage of your total assets that you choose to keep in gold coins depends on your individual circumstances of course, but there is not much out there that can match the wealth preserving qualities of gold!

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