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8 No-Fail Scrapbooking Layout Idea Starter

Here's a Scrapbooking Fact!

Every scrapbooker has times where they can not come up with ideas or inspirations. They are hunting for something that will give them that creative spark, but they are not sure where to find it.

To try and combat this frustrating problem, and to try and help you access this issue that all artists face, here are our top 8 scrapbooking layout idea starters.

  1. The single most used option, is to look at the internet for inspiration. There are thousands, maybe millions, of scrapbook ideas you can use online.
  2. Of course, like everyone else, you can scan through your paper crafting magazines.
  3. It is also a great strategy to have a wonderful group of scrapping friends on the internet, who are always bouncing ideas off each other. For example … one of us will write a challenge to use something very old (an embellishment, or a knick knack, that you have had for awhile) in a layout. Or, to challenge you to take a picture in a new way. It is really nice to bounce ideas off of such creative minds.
  4. Another option is to go to card shops, and look at the cute cards that they have. They have so many great color combinations. There are also tons of ideas for embellishments.
  5. You might also try using bulletin boards in your scrapbook area. So that, whenever you find something that you really like, and that you want to try in the future, you can clip it and put some of the ideas on the bulletin boards. I like to change my look quite a bit, so I tend to cut out ideas from my old scrapbooking magazines. and put them up there. I get so many magazines that I can not keep up with all of them.
  6. Additionally, when you find something you like, in an old magazine (for example), you can try filming them with all the things you like inside of manilla envelopes. You can keep envelopes with different categories. For example, you could have an envelope for color schemes, one for journalling ideas, one for embellishments, and another one for other layouts that are totally incredible. Whenever you are feeling stuck, you can go through your files and pull out different ideas that inspire you. It really helps me to have those right next to my scrapbooking area. I surround myself with creativity, sort of hiring by osmosis, that I will pick some up.
  7. And another great way to find ideas, ideas for sketching, is in a catalog, or a home decoration magazine. They often have pictures of walls with groupings of pictures on them, and you can really get inspiration by how they group the pictures and put them on the wall. Just think of your card stock, or background, as a miniature wall and paper. Then think of how you would put the pictures on that wall.
  8. Similarly, I noticed by looking at some old store catalogs (JC Penney's, for example), they have some pretty basic sketch designs. The way they layout their pages turn out to be pretty basic sketch designs.

Anyhow, some of those are pretty basic, and some of them seem a little more time involved. I hope you can get a couple of helpful, useful scrapbooking layout ideas from the small list of inspirations I use.

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