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A Quiz For Bridesmaids

Whether this is your first time as a bridesmaid, or you are the proverbial "always a bridesmaid, never a bride", there is a lot to know about being in a wedding. From etiquette, parties, and the practical side of things, there is a lot more hidden than just wearing a fancy dress and walking down the aisle. Take this quiz to see if you are prepared to be a fabulous bridesmaid, or if it is time to brush up with a Bridesmaid 101 class.

1. Who pays for the bridesmaid dresses?
a. the bride
b. the bridesmaids
c. the bride's mother

2. What is the most distasteful part of being a bridesmaid?
a. holding up the bride's gown while she pees
b. fending off the advances of drunken groomsmen
c. paying for the hideous dress that you will never wear again
d. all of the above

3. True or False: Bridesmaids are obliged to host a bridal shower and a bachelorette weekend.

4. Which one of these is not a popular fabric for bridesmaid dresses?
a. taffeta
b. chiffon
c. burlap
d. organza

5. True or False: The bride is expected to throw a party in honor of her bridesmaid group, at which time she will also give them their gifts, such as jewelry.

6. Who holds the bride's bouquet during the wedding ceremony?
a. the maid of honor
b. the bride
c. the flower girl

7. What is the best part about being a bridesmaid?
a. the awesome dress
b. seeing the bride walk down the aisle
c. rehashing the events of the ceremony and reception the next day at brunch


1. b. The bridesmaids typically have to pay for their own dresses, sorry, ladies! If the bride can afford it, sometimes she might offer to purchase all of the dresses for her attendants, or maybe do so discreetly if she has one bridesmaid who can not afford to pay for a dress.
2. d! But take heart, because all of these things will be fodder for your bridesmaid war stories to be laughed about with your friends after the wedding. And you can always wear the dress as a Halloween costume later (one of my bridesmaids actually did this; see it was a dress that could be worn again!).

3. False. Bridesmaids are under no obligation to host any events, and do not let a bridezilla try to tell you otherwise. That said, it is customary for the bride's friends to want to have a celebration in her honor, such as a bridal shower. The bachelorette party is a much more recent concept, and if there is one, everyone pays their own way, though the bridesmaids will usually cover the bride's drinks. (If it is a weekend in Vegas sort of bachelorette event, the bride should pay for her own hotel room and airfare; after all, you are a bridesmaid, not an ATM!)

4. c. Burlap. Better for sacks than gowns.

5. True. Yes, bridesmaids, the bride is supposed to do something nice for you. The bridesmaids 'luncheon, or ladies' luncheon is usually held about two days before the wedding. The guest list includes the bride, her mother, the groom's mother, the bridesmaids, and the junior bridesmaids and flower girls, if any. The party is usually an elegant lunch or a tea held in a darling little restaurant. It is an opportunity for the bride to express her appreciation for all that her bridesmaids have done for her. The luncheon is also the ideal time for the bride to present her bridesmaid jewelry gifts to her attendants.

6. a. The maid of honor stands closest to the bride during the ceremony, and she holds the bouquet during the exchange of vows. After the bride and groom kiss, the maid of honor returns the bouquet to the bride, and fluffs her train in preparation for the recessional down the aisle.

7. c. Anyone who has ever been in a wedding knows that dishing about it after is one of the most fun parts of the entire wedding weekend. Depending on the personality of the bridesmaids, topics range from how beautiful the bride looked, to the dresses and jewelry worn by the female guests ("what was the deal with that big red hat on the bride's aunt?"), To who hooked up with whatever after the reception.


1-3 correct answers: Time to brush up on your Emily Post and watch a few episodes of Bridezillas; you are clearly a first time bridesmaid.

4-5 correct answers: You have obviously been in a few weddings and know the drill. Nice job.

6-7 correct answers: A seasoned bridesmaid who is prepared for anything. Maid of honor material, for sure!

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