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A Ringing In the Ears: Is This Just Something Stupid Or Am I In Real Trouble Here?

If you’re experiencing a ringing in the ears, there may be cause for concern. Don’t WORRY, per se, but definitely do not dismiss your condition as something minor. Why? Well, even if it’s not bothering the heck out of you (which it may well be), it could actually be a symptom of a far more serious condition… one that quite frankly, you can’t afford to ignore.

Again, it is not my intention to scare you here.

In fact, there are some questions you can answer that may set your mind at ease, at least to some extent. However, the answers to these questions may require you to seek out a professional diagnosis, just in case the ear ringing you’re experiencing is a symptom of something worthy of immediate medical attention.

A Ringing In the Ears – Here Are Those Questions:

1. Do I drink or use drugs? To what extent?

2. Have I recently been prescribed a new medication? What was it?

3. Do I eat a lot of meat, smoke, drink a lot of coffee, or eat a lot of junk food (or fast food)?

4. Have I been in a car accident?

5. Am I a regular or recent concert-goer? Have I recently been to a major sporting event?

6. Do I shoot guns? Have I been around anyone who does while they were in the act?

7. Has a large explosion taken place around me?

8. Have I been diagnosed with cancer?

9. Am I aging and experiencing any degree of hearing impairment?

If you’ve got a ringing in the ears that you may believe to be the condition known as tinnitus, please rest assured. There actually IS NO condition known as tinnitus. Instead, your ringing ears are the side effect, or symptom, of an entirely different health problem altogether. In other words, tinnitus doesn’t just happen without something to set it off.

For this reason, it is imperative that you receive an official diagnosis from your doctor. Knowing if your tinnitus was caused by an explosion, for example, will lead you on a completely different treatment path than knowing that it was caused by a blood disorder, a medical side effect, head trauma, or even the simple over-accumulation of earwax. The diagnosis is everything.

In other words, there is no be-all, end-all cure for tinnitus… because tinnitus itself really isn’t even the problem. There’s something that’s causing your ears to ring, and the minute you’re able to establish what this is, you’ll be fully empowered to relieve the ringing in your ears.

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