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AKG Perception 220 Professional Studio Microphone Review

I have promised to only review the studio microphones that I either have used, or that are from well known companies. Therefore, it's only right that I do a review on the AKG PERCEPTION 220 Professional Studio Microphone.

The truth is, AKG is possibly the best known brand when it comes to microphones, and rightfully so. They are extremely consistent with their products, both in quality and affordability. The AKG Perception 220 is no exception, because it has an outstanding price to performance ratio. It is truly a professional condenser microphone, with a solid and roadworthy construction quality. Whatever the guys are doing over in Vienna, Austria (where the AKG headquarters are), is really paying off.

The will handle a number of recordings of drums, vocals and acoustic guitar, with a superb range of frequencies, without any unnecessary noise. It also has low noise floor and a great high frequency response, which is any sound engineers dream. Hooking up the AKG Perception 220 with a decent preamp, will definitely surprise you … in a good way!

I'm not too hardcore into recording instruments, but for vocals, and especially in your home studio, you do not need a studio microphone better then the AKG Perception 220. Setting up the thing was a breeze as well; pop it onto the microphone stand, plug in the mic, and you are set. Be careful though, this studio microphone is super sensitive, and will pick up anything in the house. If you do not have a vocal booth, it would be a good idea to put it the microphone in a homemade vocal booth, ie, your closet and record from there.

You would expect the AKG Perception 220 to be a fortune, huh? Well, the great news is that it's not! The studio microphone will cost you around $ 179 dollars, which is more then a bargain for this gem.

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