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Antique Engagement Rings – One of a Kind

Antique engagement rings can be bought through a dealer in second hand ring stores, or there might be an antique ring that has been passed down in a family – often a man will want to offer this to his sweetheart when he proposes. Whatever way you decide to do things an antique engagement ring could bring years of happiness and joy to a man and woman.

When a couple have been dating for a while there comes a time when their thoughts turn to marriage and a longer term commitment – this is often the point where the man begins to think about a proper proposal and choosing an engagement ring.

It is a very happy time when a couple go out together to choose an engagement ring. For the girl and the guy who wants something different; then an antique ring might be the answer. An antique engagement ring is usually distinguished from other rings because of the way the stones are cut and set. Diamond settings especially seem to come and go out of fashion so an antique diamond ring might be just the thing for a couple who are not necessarily taken up with following the current trend.

More than a century ago the most popular cuts of diamond were the mine cut and the cushion cut. These particular cuts were designed to be shown off in candle light as the faces of the stone would have glimmer and shine, throwing back the light of the candles in a way that does not happen now.

Some dealers would regard any pre-nineteen fifties ring as antique but this is because the word reflects to a number of different periods, such as the Georgian period which ran from the mid eighth century to 1837, then followed the Victorian period which until until 1900 . Following these the mostought after twentieth century antique engagement rings are the Art Nouveau period which ran from the eighteen nineties to 1919 and the Art Deco period which can be dated to between nineteen twenty and nineteen thirty five. All of these had their own unique design elements and many of them are available on the antique jewelry market today.

If you do decide to go for an antique ring that is not a family heirloom then you should go to a reputable dealer or auction house where there is an expert on hand who can identify which period the ring came from and when it is a genuine antique . Once the ring is purchased you can then begin to enjoy the engagement period and hopefully the rest of your lives together.

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