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Antique Salt Cellars and S & P Shakers – Collecting with Ease

Some hobbies are difficult and expensive to pursue. Collecting antique salt cellars and S & P shakers does not have to be one of them. These items are plentiful enough for many collectors to enjoy. They can also be purchased for reasonable prices.

Salt cells have been around for over a thousand years at least. These little cups are made of silver or glass in ornate designs. Their purpose was to hold salt, much as salt shakers do now, for the table.

The difference is that the salt then came in bigger crystals. Shakers were not invented until the salt was refined to a fine enough state to make the shakers work. This did not happen until around the civil war. It is not uncommon to find salt cellars dating back to the late 1800s on internet auction sites. In those days, everyone had salt cellars.

The finest collector salt cells are engraved or imprinted with the name of the silver designer who created the pieces. They are also dated with the year, and possibly the month that the salt cells were made. Pieces like this are not reserved for the rich buyer. An average person can afford to spend anywhere from $ 10 to over $ 100 for inexpensive salt cellars.

Antique S & P shakers are also elegant in sterling silver. They are affordably priced as well, in the same general range as salt cellars. While antique salt cellars are usually fancy in their design, antique S & P shakers tend to be simpler. They are still appealing because of their shiny, smooth silver surfaces.

Engravings on S & P shakers may not always have the date and maker, although some do. More commonly, the type of silver is stamped on the bottoms of the pieces. It might be sterling silver, for example. S & P shakers may be stamped or engraved with the country of origin as well. This makes imported shakers an interesting addition to any collection.

It is easy to collect S & P shakers and salt cellars on auction websites. The listing pages should show detailed pictures of the items to give one an up-close view. Engravings or maker's emblems should be shown as a part of the pictures of the salt cellars or S & P shakers.

A written description is usually attached to the pictures. It should list everything that is known about the S & P shakers or salt cellars. Any defects or wear should be noted. The auction sites make it easy to find out what price has been bid for an antique item. They give the buyer the option of setting an ongoing bidding that will keep increasing until the set limit is reached or the item is purchased.

There have always been people collecting S & P shakers of various types. Salt cells are popular; people find them fascinating because they are no longer in general use. These silver items have a natural beauty that lasts over many years. Auction websites have made it easier than ever to shop for and buy S & P shakers and salt cellars. What is more, almost anyone can afford them.

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