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Are You Getting Real Diamond Belly Rings?

When you are looking for diamond belly rings, it can be difficult sometimes to know whether you are getting real diamond rings. If you aren’t familiar with jewelry then you could end up purchasing fake diamond navel rings. So just how can you tell the difference?

Understanding Real and Fake Diamond Belly Rings

Real diamond navel rings will be more expensive than fake diamond navel rings. Now some people do not mind if their belly rings are real or fake, but if you are buying them as a present then ideally you should ensure they are real.

Fake diamond navel rings are known as Cubic Zirconia and they basically are genuine gemstones that look like diamonds. They are generally gold plated too instead of being set in real gold. As well as being cheaper, some people have noticed that cubic zirconia jewelry can leave a slight mark on the skin where the metal rubs off. This is usually a green color, though it does not always rub off – it all depends upon the quality of the jewelry.

Real diamond jewelry will be slightly more expensive, though diamond belly button rings are generally fairly inexpensive anyway. With real diamonds there will be more of a sparkle to the belly rings and the quality will be better. The diamonds will be set in either real gold or platinum and they will last longer than cubic zirconia jewelry too.

Overall you know you are getting real diamond jewelry if you are paying a little extra and the site that you are purchasing them from is reliable. Cubic zirconia belly rings are legal, but for some people they do not bring the same quality or the best visually appealing results. Also, if you are purchasing the belly ring as a gift then it would be a good idea to ensure that it is a real diamond and not a fake!

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