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Automatic Dialers: Demand Dialer Or Predictive Dialer

Automatic demand dialers are not only a more cost effective method of contacting current or potential customers, but has a higher success rate in agent sales. One of our studies compared two groups of agents. One group used a predictive dialer while the other used a demand dialer. There were 30 agents assigned to the predictive dialer while just 8 used the automatic demand dialer. This comparison was studied and reviewed over a one year period of time. The smaller group of agents using the demand dialer generated more sales than the larger group 80% of the time. Not only did this group generate more sales, but operated at a significantly lower overhead cost to the company.

Predictive dialers generally dial 1½ to 2 calls per available agent. When the call is connected, it is transferred to an available agent. If no agent is available, the customer must listen to a law required recorded message of some sort. The majority of customers will hang up and not wait for an agent to become available. You have not only paid for that unsuccessful phone call, you have irritated the customer as well. This all too common negative encounter with existing or potential customers is eliminated using automatic demand dialers. Hardware and telephone usage costs are also significantly reduced. Some features you should look for in a demand dialer are:

1- It should be easy to setup and use

2- It should be customizable to your specific 3- It should be customizable to your specific needs

4- Agents / Users can work from anywhere there is a telephone

5- It should include client software for complete call and order processing

6- Customizable call dispositions

7- User Defined output fields

8- It should work in Demand, Automated and Server dialing modes

9- Includes Full management control of program features

10- Easily import records for dialing

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