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Back Painted Glass Guide

The practice of utilizing back painted glass in home décor has become more and more common in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is the popularization of premium self-priming glass paint. These paints take the guesswork out of back painting glass. They form a permanent bond with the glass by causing a molecular change in the surface of the glass itself. No primers or special treatments are necessary. The ease at which glass can now be painted has led many homeowners to undertake the task themselves. In this article we’ll cover some tips and tricks for dealing with some challenges associated with back painting glass.

How to clean glass paint overspray off back painted glass

Cleaning paint overspray off the front or edges of a sheet of glass is a simple enough process that may require some elbow grease. Use light steel wool to remove overspray from the edges of the glass and then use lacquer thinner to remove any on the front of it. For really thick overspray, use a single edge razor blade to scrape it and then follow up with steel wool and lacquer thinner as necessary.

How to clean glass paint from a paint gun

Once again, lacquer thinner is recommended for this job. Use it with a cloth to clean out your paint gun after each use and be sure to spray lacquer thinner through the paint gun for at least 30 seconds. And for an extra thorough clean feel free to disassemble the paint gun and clean all of the internal parts with lacquer thinner as well.

Tips on installing back painted glass

Now that you’re done painting your glass it’s time to put it on display in a way that won’t have it lying on the ground in a hundred pieces. The industry standard for installing back-painted glass is to use clear silicone glue and double sided glaziers tape. The double sided tape serves as a temporary hold until the clear silicone glue dries. Mirror Mastic and Liquid Nails can also be used for installation.

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