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Beware! These Crooked People Are Getting Pretty Good

We have all heard, received and read the e-mail or letter saying that so and so over in (name a country) has left you a sizable sum of money. It is yours for free, but you just need to do this …

Well now these con artists have stepped it up. Some are actually sending, what seem to be, real checks for you to deposit. These checks look real and can even fool the bank personnel. But they are actually counterfeit and if you go a little bit too far with these schemes- you'll end up losing some money – even if it the check is counterfeit.

There are many variations to this scam but basically you get this large check in the mail with some wonderful explanation on why you are getting it. This letter goes on to say that you should immediately deposit it and send back to them a small amount of money to cover miscellaneous fees or taxes, or whatever, that are associated in getting you this windfall.

They also usually say that when sending the money back to them that you "wire" it to them.

Now if you do this – deposit the sum of money, smile when you see the large sum of money in your account, and gladly wire them their small 'fee', you'll soon be crying because within a day or two of all this your check will bounce. This will leave you with no money (from your windfall) and will leave you stuck losing the money you wired them, since you can not get this money back. (why do you think they said 'wire' them the money?)

So what can one do?

  • only accept checks from people you know, or from banks that are local so you can go and check on it personally
  • after depositing a check, wait til the bank does their thing and the check "clears". Then things should be fine.
  • if you get an offer that gives you money – only if you pay them a fee, throw it out – it is a scam.
  • do not dabble in foreign lotteries or prize schemes. In addition to costing you money it may be illegal.
  • never "wire" money to strangers
  • never be in a rush. If someone exists on you acting immediately, you need to become wary. Usually within a few days the bank transactions will be complete and you'll know for sure if things are on the up and up or not.
  • remember if it looks to good to be true – it probably is.

If you are in doubt about something or suspicious, contact the Federal Trade Commission and they should be able to help you. These scammers are becoming really good today and you need to remain on your toes so you do not fall victim to them.

Source by Bill Cash

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