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Can Your Beat the Competition With Billboard Marketing?

When you think of marketing, remember the age old proverb “Only 10% of your advertisement cost is effective to make the customer buy your product, only you don’t know which 10%”. You can try to reach the customer through many ways of marketing like telemarketing, advertisements in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboards etc. Commuting and traveling from place to place is a very common and frequent activity of the common public and a billboard kept prominently in his travel path is possibly one of the most effective ways attracting his attention. Billboards or banners marketing have been in practice for a very long time. A picture with a crisp message on the board can strike a chord with the target audience.

It is a very effective way as the person is attracted to the advertisement without his making a special effort and allotting time. He almost grasps the subject instantaneously and intuitively as he is exposed to the message as he travels along the path where the billboard is installed. There are many designs and technological features for making the billboards. These can be placed prominently on roof tops, open walls of tall buildings, specially erected structures on commercial sites, public facility places like bus stations, railway stations etc. As the time span of attention an average citizen takes to look at a billboard is very short, the design of the billboards has to be done quite correctly. The size, shape and strength of the physical board as well as the marketing content have to be cleverly thought of. A very large or odd shaped board may present difficulty to grasp the entire content on the board while a small sized board may completely miss the attention of the passerby. You may have to take the help of professional content designers to effectively draw up the billboard message. There are many ways by which the contents of the billboard message can be depicted, catchy slogans, pictures, logos, cartoons, jokes anything that can attract the customer.

However, be cautious to the local cultures, traditions and sentiments while finalizing the content. In many Arabic nations, the tendency is to read from right to left. So an advertisement on a billboard depicting the washing of clothes by showing a dirty cloth on the left with the washing process in the middle and the final washed clothe in the right was understood exactly in the opposite and the marketing was a total failure. You should also be considerate to some of the disadvantages of billboard marketing. One of them is the high cost as the places where the billboards are located are prominent city locations and hence would be costing hugely. Both city planners and environmentalists lobby to reduce the concentration of the billboards as they argue that the billboards spoil the natural surroundings of the cityscape and also their safety hazards due to the diversion they cause to the driving public. In essence, you can kill your competition with billboards marketing!

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