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Charm Your Guests With Unique Wedding Favors

While guests and family members try their best to make the wedding-day absolutely special for the would-be couple, as a host, you can charm your guests with wedding favors and unique wedding favors at that. But, what do you give as a return gift? Ah! The choice is almost limitless considering how you want to connect to your guests and how much you can afford to spend. You can decide to give a keepsake, something decorative, a jewellery item, a utility item or chocolates and cakes.

Wedding favors vary from cultures and countries to individual choices. While in Spain, you may receive a bunch of orange flowers as a guest at a wedding and in India, you may receive a set of cutlery inscribed with the date of the wedding and the couple’s name. With more and more young people taking a detour from tradition, romantic and cute wedding favors like shower gel bottles, ‘key to my heart’ chrome bottle stoppers and froggie-shaped tea lights have become very popular.

Theme wedding parties need a theme wedding favour as well. Have your guests walk in to the jingle of a coin-avalanche as slot machines hit a juke box and the roulette spins some luck for them. Then, before they leave, deal them a royal flush with ‘Lucky in love’ card magnets.

Not all wedding favors and unique wedding favors have to be handed out individually though. You can impress your guests by setting up individual chair-place holders. There’s a whole genre for this. Take your pick from plantable quaint seed pots, ‘be seeded’ plantable leaves, frosted photo frames, authentic shell place card holders and silver-plated ‘perfect pears’ showpieces or refrigerator magnets! For the table, you can even have stylised pepper and salt shakers.

Interestingly, if you’re going to be having a lot of young guests who would soon be walking the aisle themselves, how about elegant crystal diamond larger versions of an engagement ring as unique wedding favors? Nothing quite so romantic. The ring comes with a number of key chain hoops and a great utility item too.

Going the Indian way and if you have some time at your disposal, order for the personalising of your wedding favors. Steel, silver items make for easy embossing. How about placing the date of the wedding on specially designed wine bottle key ring/multipurpose bar tools? Alternatively, you can get special heart-shaped metal tags, emboss them and attach to the wedding favors. Wedding favors and unique wedding favors in silver just have to be embossed whether they’re tiny bells or bottle openers. You can choose contemporary designs in stainless steel pizza cutters too.

And, when it comes to embossing and personalising, get creative. Pick up a favourite love quote or lines from Shakespeare and give your guests a scribbled feel of love whenever they look at your unique wedding favor in life.

Candles in all shapes and sizes are a fantastic wedding favor and unique wedding favor at that. Go get some Chinese tapestry votive candles in silken pouch with tassels or, order wedding cake replica candles.

Whether you choose small pink calculators or a kitchen timer, just remember to choose a unique wedding favor. After all, your guests are as important to you as your memorable day.

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