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Coffee: Freshness Counts

So many people had relatively little experience when it came to improving their own coffees and that would be normally intimidated by the prospect. Beside, coffee is so abundantly available – just go to any street corner and you can get a cup of decent quality coffee.

The truth is, the coffee you buy in those cafés generally are not the most fresh nor highest quality. There are exceptions to this rule however, but that's just a general observation.

You really do not need a whole lot to get started with your own coffee. The main thing is really the quality of the coffee beans that you buy. In addition to that, some people have found that using filtered water as opposed to tap water generally allows the full flavorful taste of the coffee bean to shine out.

It's also important to use cold filtered water, and not stale or hot water or it can distort the taste and texture of the final result. The best way to get the most bang from your coffee buck is to grind your own beans.

It is a common and popular misconception that only professionals or those with formal Barista training can grind their own beans. But in reality anyone can do this with the right tools, such as having a power grinder.

When buying beans, make sure to check the freshness date, and also if possible examine the beans for cracks and smell. Usually these are an indication of the quality or lack of of the beans).

With a good quality coffee bean grinder, you can grind your beans in under a minute. Feel free to play around with various blends or get a coffee recipes book to mix and match ingredients as you are processing your coffee. Pretty simple right?

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