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Color Symbolism of Green – Life, Energy, Joy, & Fertility

'Color Symbolism' in art, referring to a schematic use of colors for the representation of various thoughts of the artist. Fundamentally, it subscribes to the theory that different colors have different effects on human psyche. By using a particular color, the artist tried to touch certain aspects of the viewers' thoughts. This brings the viewers on the same mental 'wavelength' as ​​that of the artist and gives them a better sense of appreciation for the piece. An interesting point to note here is that apart from the usual interpretation of colors, different cultures 'Symbolize' them in different manners. Green color is regarded as a naturally stimulating color, and therefore, 'Symbolizes' 'life.'

Green is abundantly in nature, primarily in the form of fauna, which brings it closer to the expression of vitality. The spring season is considered the most balanced and the energetic time of the year, free from all the extremes of nature. It is a welcomed season for human animals and animals, with flowerings plants, fresh new leaves, and growing vegetation, marking it. Therefore, the 'Color Symbolism' of green deals with exuberance, life, and rejuvenation. Throughout the history of art, painters have generously employed this color to exemplify happiness and abundance in their pieces. Several of Vincent Van Gough's most valuable works, such as 'View of Arles with Irises,' 'Irises,' and 'Patch of Grass,' are magnificent paintings, featuring greenery as an attempt to see the harmonic and the bright side of life. Similarly, Monet's later works featuring gardens, Otto Herbig's 'Trees Blooming in the Garden,' and the works of 'Realism' are a concrete capture of the essence of the refreshing springtime. The other variant of green, which is a popular medium in painting, is the darker tone, Botticelli's 'Primavera' being the classic example. Such tone usually indicates the evening time and 'Symbolizes' great warmth and productivity.

In the US, the 'Color Symbolism' of green holds to money and brainpower. In contrast, Chinese identify green with some positive and even some negative emotions, like jealousy. Africans link it to narcotics. In Britain and Ireland, it 'Symbolizes' good luck and tradition. The graded tones of green, in association with other natural colors, such as blue, earthy brown, vibrant reds, yellows, & oranges, add a universal touch of completeness to the embodiediment of health, energy, vigor, fertility, and fortune. Painters throughout the world have been experimenting with the basic and the modified nuance of the color green, sometimes with a local undertone and sometimes cutting across the boundaries.

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