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Confessions of a Google AdWords Winner – Part 2

Here's a very simple formula to quickly boost the performance of any Google campaign. We've used this formula, over and over again to keep improving our ads and turning them into winners.

If you follow these steps, it's actually guaranteed that you'll soon see amazing results. And the best part of this AdWords secret?

It's free!

It costs nothing to follow this proven strategy. In fact, it will not only boost your Google campaign, it will also save you oodles of time!

HOT TIP: Here is one of the most powerful Google AdWords success secrets:

– Always split-test your ads: No matter what you do, you should always have at least two versions of your ads

– Always keep optimizing: This is where most people fail. Why?

First of all, many Google AdWords users run out of ideas of what to test.

Secondly, most Google AdWords users do not know when it's time to go back to further optimize their AdWords campaign. And if you do not know, you'll probably forget because you do not have the time to keep checking your AdWords account.

There is a free, automatic AdWords optimizer tool out there (this tool is NOT from Google), which automates the testing of your different ad versions. Then it lets you know by email when you have a winning ad. That's when it's time to make an adjustment to your losing ad and then run another split-test.

How does free tool, which is NOT from Google, help?

If testing is a slow and painful process, you'll just stop. And you may miss out on lots of 'accidents' where you try something and suddenly stumble upon an ad that does 100% better than before.

These fort 'accidents' happen to us all the time in our own campaigns.

Here's one example;

Testing something very small in an ad for meditation techniques (the number of minutes referred in the ad text – "15 min" vs. "5 min", etc.) had a huge impact on the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and on the Conversion Rate (CR) of this ad group.

Ad Version 1;

How To Do Meditation

Did You Know That Meditating Just

15 Min a Day Could Change Your Life?

Ad Version 2;

How To Do Meditation

Did You Know That Meditating Just

5 Min a Day Could Change Your Life?

Can you see the difference? The only text that is different is the number of minutes.

The ad mentioning "15 minutes" had a CTR and Conversion Rate double the ad version that stated, "5 minutes"!

Could we have ever guessed that "15 minutes" would do 100% better than "5 minutes"?

No way!

Could we have ever guessed that "5 minutes" would lower the Conversion Rate by 50%?

No way!

The only way we discovered this huge boost was from using the free optimizer tool mentioned below. Here are some additional tips to make it far easier to keep improving your Google AdWords account;

– Keep reading resources like this, and

– Keep reading ads on Google to keep getting new ideas of things you can test

What You Need to UNDERSTAND: You need to use automation to help you manage your Google AdWords campaigns. If you do not, you'll forget to monitor adequately and quickly lose out. You need to seek out a free AdWords optimizer tool that will automatically help you manage and improve your Google AdWords Campaigns. These free, labor-saving and time-saving tools are out there. All you need to do is find them.

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