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Dating Tips for Shy Guys – How To Start A Conversation

Want to know some great dating tips for shy guys? If so then great you’ve came to the right place. For this article I’m going to focus on the biggest problem most shy guys have and that’s starting a conversation with a woman.

When you go up to a woman to start a conversation this is known as opening or using an opener. In it’s simplest terms it just means you’re saying something to get her attention and to start a conversation. There are two ways that you can open. The most common way most men open is to use a direct opener something to effect of saying to a woman “You’re so cute” or complementing her on her appearance in some way. While this may work some of the time using this method telegraphs right way that you are interested sexually in her, which may scare her off. The method I recommend using is an indirect opener. The best indirect openers telegraph no interest and ask an opened ended question (Meaning the woman can’t simply answer yes or no) and allow you to tell a interesting story.

A perfect example of a indirect opener is an Opinion Opener. Here is an example of an opinion opener. “Hey can I get your opinion on something? Do you think it’s weird if guys wear eye liner?” The woman will then give her opinion then you can go into an interesting story explaining why you asked the question. From the example above you could say “Well I was wearing eye liner out the other night and I had so many women coming up to me saying how sexy my eyes were, but all my guy friends thought it was weird.” This opener will work great because it telegraphs no interest and your story gives you high social status by describing how you were surrounded by women all night long telling you how sexy you are.

There you go one of the best dating tips for shy guys, use an opinion opener to start a conversation. You can make up your own opinion openers with real stories from your own life and they’ll work great! The most important thing to remember is that your opinion openers telegraph no interest and that they ask an open ended question. Once you’ve opened then you can start the attraction process and that’s where the fun really begins.

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