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Dating Tips – Is This a Dating Dilemma?

In this world of equal opportunity and gender equality, no one will deny that there is still a major difference between the sexes (and Vive la Difference, as the French would say). These are not just the obvious physical differences, but also the emotional and psychological ones which cause most of us a certain amount of trepidation and hesitancy when we are trying to make the acquaintance of someone of the opposite sex.

And it's hard to try to figure out what the results of those differences are and how they affect the thought processes, particularly when one is hoping that a date will result? How does one best take these into consideration even though they are relatively unknown quantities to most of us?

Those who have a sibling of the opposite gender have a head start in beginning to understand that the thought processes of the male and female do not needarily run parallel all the time but it is still puzzling. Why do most female toddlers like to dress up their dolls, while their brothers like to push around their toy cars? It is not that the parents have provided their little daughters with dolls and their sons with toy cars, because they would mostly still gravitate to their own gender specific toys. These are the kinds of differences that distinguishing the two thought patterns and they are among the keys to trying to understand how to please one's date or mate.

One can not generalize either and assume that each member of the opposite sex will react in exactly the same way as all the other members of the same gender. The thought processes may run along much the same lines, but the end results may be radically different. And that is a good thing, too.

So when you are about to strike up a relationship with a fabulous member of the opposite sex, remember that really it is common interests and body chemistry that attract you to each other. And who is aware how body chemistry works, either?

When you consider all the different ways of thinking and looking at things that distinguishing the sexes, the best advice on how to conduct yourself on a date is first of all be considerate, be yourself, and above all, be honest (but discreet). Whether or not this leads to a long term relationship and eventually your date becomes your mate, on reflection your self esteem will rise a good few notches and you will walk with your head held higher.

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