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Diamond Rings for your Engagement – Know What She Likes

Diamond Rings for your engagement is the most fitting Gift to show your love you have for your fiancée. It is natural on your part to gift her something that is priceless as your love to her. Your idea of ​​presenting her with a Diamond Ring for her engagement is the best decision and it seems to you that your Love is as priceless and unique as a diamond born millions millions of years ago.

From olden days engagement Rings have continued to make the statement for unity and everlasting love between a man and his woman. Now the time has come to buy your fiancée that special engagement Ring that will captivate her Heart. Many tools are available to help you avoid the pitfalls when shopping, and show you how to make use of the knowledge that made possible to educate you, and guide you on your quest.

First you must know what she likes and to know this take your fiancée to the Mall or Jewelry store in your local area, on some pretension and watch her glide across the other side of the Shop where the Diamond Rings are being displayed. Allow her to feed her curiosity, and / or try on a Ring or two or three three and keep your Ears open to the Jeweler's lingo, listen for clues like Ring size and the style of Diamond she admires, whether that be brilliant round, emerald cut, Pear, Oval, Heart, etc.

You must also know whether she likes a solitaire Diamond Ring, or a three stone diamond ring? After walking away from the Jeweler you should have gathered enough info on what type of Diamond your fiancée desires.

Most of the Women want a large diamond; remember that a larger diamond that creates the illusion of Power, Wealth and Influence. But to some women that may not be comfortable to wear. So it is always better for your fiancée to be humble with a smaller diamond which will not clash with her persona, something she may feel at ease wearing that is more humble to her soul. This will avoid a gaudy yet risky to wear engagement ring also in fear of having it stolen.
The size of the Ring has to be determined as per the size of the finger also, and bigger the finger the larger the diamond, the smaller the finger the smaller the diamond otherwise the ring may once again look overawing unfit to her beautiful finger.

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