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Diamonds – a Description of Cut and Shape

Diamonds are cut into an array of shapes that are generally designed to exhibit their two most important features: fire and brilliance. Diamonds must be cut and polished to accentuate these features because rough stones do not show this beauty that diamond gemstones are known for.

Diamonds that are not cut to the Tolkowsky's round shape shape (or later variations) specifications are well-known as "fancy cuts." fashionable fancy cuts include the baguette (from the French, meaning rod or loaf of bread), marquise, princess cut (square outline), heart, briolette (a form of the rose cut), and pear cuts.

Newest cuts of diamonds that have been introduced into the jewelry industry are the "cushion" "radiant" (like princess cuts, but with rounded edges instead of square edges) and "Asscher" cuts. Many fancy colored diamonds are now being cut in accordance with these new styles. Normally, these "fancy cuts" are not held to the same stringent standards as Tolkowsky-derived round brilliants and there are less explicit mathematical guidelines of angles which determine a well-cut stone.

Fashion heavy influence popular cuts and shapes of diamonds : the baguette cut-which accentuates a diamond's luster and downplays its fire was very trendy during the Art Deco period, where the princess cut-which gains a diamond's fire rather than its luster-is currently gaining recognition. The princess cut is also popular with diamond cutters: of all the cuts, it wastes the least of the original rough crystal.

New diamond cuts have been developed during the past decades, often inspired by a modification of an existing cut. Extra facets are included in some of these new diamond cuts. Instead of actual improvements to the state of the art, these newly developed cuts are viewed by many as more of an attempt at branding by diamond sellers.

So, the shape of a diamond is as important as the cut, and very much different in meaning, even though the two are connected in accentuating the diamond gemstone's brilliance and fire.

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