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Diamonds Are A Treat

Your engagement ring or diamond-set wedding band may be the only diamonds you ever thought you'd own, but more and more women are now treating themselves to diamond jewelery. And they are not waiting to receive it as a gift but buying it for themselves.

There is a new breed of woman – women who are confident about buying jewelery for themselves and who have the disposable income to do so. The world's changing demographics have crushed stereotypical behavior and it's no longer considered shameful for a woman to treat herself to luxury rather than wait for her partner to. According to recent Diamond Trading Company statistics, women's self-purchase now accounts for around 17% of the total international diamond jewelery market, and it's growing.

The type of diamond jewelery a woman purchases for herself differs is significant to that which they may choose together with their partner, such as an engagement ring. These type of "love" diamond jewelery are designed to be "forever" and are usually more traditional in appearance. Diamond jewelery a woman purchases for herself is likely to be fashion-led and more ostentatious. It is rare that a woman buys a solitaire or three stone ring for herself, but would go for something slightly unusual, often bigger and bolder. It could either be an everyday wear ring such as this sapphire and diamond ring or a stylish occasional wear like this diamond wave design ring or perphaps with a large gemstone such as this tanzanite and diamond ring.

Getting a lot of diamonds for her money appeals to many women, so pave set diamond jewelry such as these diamond hoop earrings are popular.

In the US, the "Right Hand Ring" has really taken off and "the lefthand is for we, the right hand is for me" has become a mantra. The phenomena has now arrived in the UK despite this type of jewelery do not have a firm phrasing but tend to be called "cocktail rings", "dress rings" or "after seven rings". Women are now also purchasing matching earrings and pendants sets which some call "essentials" and "classics" such as diamond stud earrings.

The rationale behind a woman's jewelery purchase is often different to that of a man's. Self-purchasers are often looking for status enhancement and beauty, or sometimes something to express their individuality, and emotion plays a big part. When men buy diamonds they focus on rational factors such as the 4 Cs whereas women go more on instant attraction to a piece, the design and look of the jewelery and how it makes them feel.

So join the new breed of women and treat yourself!

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