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Different Uses of Loose Diamonds

What are loose diamonds? They are those diamonds that are not attached or been set to any piece of jewelry. The natural beauty and brilliance of loose diamonds are superb. Loose diamonds are becoming popular because they can be used in different ways.

Loose diamonds can be used in any kind of jewelry you want. They can be incorporated into necklaces, earrings, rings and other kind of jewelry. If you are creative, you can even design your own exceptally beautiful diamond jewelry! You can choose and select how you want your loose diamond to be placed in a certain piece of jewelry. The possibilities are endless; you can even design your own diamond ring!

When purchasing, you need to determine the clarity of the loose diamond you are buying. If you are not sure how to determine, you can ask the jeweler or somebody knowledgeable in examining loose diamonds. Under magnification, you can examine and observe the loose diamond to determine and know its value.

Now, if you have a loose diamond, can you design your own jewelry? Yes you can. There are jewelers that allow you to design and create your own diamond jewelry. You can even search the web for online jewelers who offer these kind of services, too. Using their website, creating diamond jewelry is so easy. You just have to choose a setting you want for your jewelry, choose the loose diamond you want and they will take care of the rest. See how easy it is?

Loose diamonds have many shapes to choose from. There are princess cut, emerald cut, heart-shaped, pear and round. These shapes are the most common shapes and are used by many jewelers.

Loose diamonds are commonly used in rings. If you want to design your own diamond ring, you have an option to create your own ring in a classic setting, setting with sidestones, or 3-stone ring.

I'm sure you will enjoy designing and creating your own diamond ring. So, why do not you try it out, too!

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