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Discography of Trans Siberian Orchestra

Discography of TSO

Before founding TSO, Paul O'Neil helmed the legendary Aerosmith's Classic and also worked on Savantage's various music albums. Aerosmith's Classics Live I went platinum while Classics Live II went gold. This served as a stepping-stone for O'Neil as a composer and lyricists. And no less than a milestone in his musical recording journey.

Paul O'Neil showedcased his great music writing skills again when he created conceptual pieces for Savatage from 1987 to 2001. One of his recognized works with Savatage is "Hall of the Mountain King" album released in 1987. It secured No.116 position in the US Billboard albums chart.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
• Christmas Eve and Other Stories (1996)
Christmas Eve and Other Stories musical album was the first installation of Christmas trilogy. It was released as a debut album on 15th October, 1996. The primary musicians on this album were members of Savatage and O'Neil.

• The Christmas Attic (1998)
Christmas Attic TSO's, second music album was a complete rock opera and a second installation of their Christmas Triology. The album contained a nice combination of vocals and instrumentals. The album was produced by Paul O'Neil and co-produced by Robert Kinkel and the recording and mix engineer was Dave Wittman.

• Beethoven's Last Night (2000)
It was released in 2000 and the album revolved around the fictional story of Ludwig van Beethoven on the last night of his life. It included great classical crossover rock songs. However, this was the first album by TSO that did not feature Christmas themes.

• The Lost Christmas Eve (2004)
Released in 2004, "The Lost Christmas Eve" was the fourth and the last album in their Christmas Trilogy. The album went gold in a month and also multi-platinum.

• Night Castle (2009)
This was their fifth album that was released in 2009. It debuted at # 5 on Billboard Charts and # 1 on the rock charts. In just eight weeks it went gold and platinum. The album has some great instrumentals, gospel choirs, solo and backup vocals and has a powerful progressive rock sound to it.

• Dreams of Fireflies (2012)
Produced by Paul O'Neil, this was an EP by TSO and was released in 2012 on Lava Records. It included some great songs like Winter Palace and I Had a Memory.

• Tales of Winter: Selections from the TSO Rock Operas (2013)
It was the first compilation produced by TSO with songs featuring from all of their above mentioned albums. The album was produced by Paul and Robert.

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