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Discover the World of Warcraft and Learn How to Make Gold in Several Ways

One of the hottest items in the market at the moment is the game World of Warcraft. A highly enjoyable and addictive game especially popular amongst young people players and on the odd occasion you might even see older people playing. Be warned addiction can be extremely high making you glued to the screen for hours. I know this for a fact because I actually play the game myself. Now Since I'm one of those WOW fans, here I would like share some guides that may help you start your quest in WOW.

So what is involved in WOW? To give you a basic idea, the aim of the game is to make gold, find items, complete quest, kill monsters, and level up. Looks simple then it sounds but does require a lot of skills and experience. The whole point of the game is to make a lot of gold and this is what allows you to progress further into the game.

First you need to find Auction houses. This is where you going to start to build your main income and is achieved by purchasing items at a low price and then sell it for profit. Sounds simple? That's because it is. So where to find them? If you're a Horde character, you can find Auction houses in the Undercity, Ogrimmar and Thunder Bluff and if you are playing as an alliance character you can find auction houses at Stormwind City, Iroforge and Darnassus.

Another method to make gold on WOW is by enchanting your item before giving it up for auction. This is where you can claim even more gold and I suggest you to do this when you get the chance. Also Rare Items may be discovered on the way in the realm of WOW such as Heart of Fire or Wildvine and then sold to increase your fortune. And finally there are monsters or enemies who carry bags of gold hidden in the underworld which you can pursue on your quest to add to your gold.

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