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Do You Have Heart?

I use to hear it from my dad all the time that only a man with heart will be able to accomplish anything. Heart what is heart? Did he actually mean that without a beat in my chest I wont be able to do anything. Well of course I knew that. You can not do anything without that beat. Or did he mean something else, a different beat. Through the years I've come to realize now exactly what he means. Any one can start something but only one with heart can actually finish.

The metaphor actually goes a lot deeper than any one may expect. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever done, well lets say, go on a run, and you got to a point that you felt like stopping. You told yourself I can keep going or just stop. If you stopped right there then you might want to check your heart limit but if you did not and kept going even for only a minute then you've got heart.

It takes heart to get anywhere in life. I remember when I had to complete a swim test. To tell you the honest truth I'm no fish. We had to go from one dock to another to complete it but if we wanted a higher score all we had to do is swim back. I reached the point breathless and two thoughts went through my head. Hey I passed no worries or I'm better than this, keep going. I went for it. Needless to say I would not have quit because of the water because I would not quit. (Thank you now you can cheer for me, YAY!)

You see it all the time in the Olympics. A runner, almost at the end of the race. Muscles failing, breath gone, and still he or she runs. Through the pain and strain, that's heart. You'll notice it even at your child's school. Kids playing football, some kids sit down and quit when it gets tuff while others press on even at the very end.

Heart is a hard thing to gain but its worth having. Whether working out or trying something new. Everyone has it but some just need to strengthen their. Try it yourself go on a run or run on your treadmill. See if you have heart to do what it takes. If you do not, do not sweat it, you can always get it stronger. Just do it. Do not put it off.

A man without can not achieve but those with can do many great things.

Source by Darryl J Cytacki

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