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Dress to Impress and Express For Your Job Interview

So you got a call from a potential employer and the day of the interview is swiftly coming. You're thinking about what's the best thing to wear? These fashion tips just might be the luck you need.

Like it or not you are judged first by how you look and what you are wearing before an interviewer goes over with your interpersonal skills and qualifications. Therefore it is important to make that first impression count. Typical corporate attire does not make much of a statement. It's too bland and it will make you belong to the rest of the stereotypes. To leave an impression, the trick is to wear something eye-catching that would make the interviewer remember you easily. Never go over the top but do not make a horrible mistake of dressing down. If you are having doubt on where to start, there's only one word to describe it, conservatism. Give it a twist by adding a hint of elegance and class.

To bring out the stylish side of you, try ditching the predictable attire like trousers and skirts; opt for something like an LBD or a wrap dress, assuming every girl has one. A dash of color is okay as long as it is coordinated. Wear a statement necklace, a brooch, a thick belt or a colorful scarf, the possibilities are endless. For the men, since they do not accessorize much like women do, try to experiment with the tie, the color of the suit, the shoes. Don on a professional hairstyle and limit your jewelery to a minimum. Keep everything simple yet sophisticated.

Confidence is essential when you dare to try something that's out of the box. Being able to carry yourself when you're out for an interview says a lot. Also, smile. It says you're approachable enough. So let those pearly whites show, they're your most important accessory.

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