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Easy Gold Making In WoW – The Right Way And The Wrong Way

Farming gold in World of Warcraft is one the things that get easier the more you do it. When you start out in WoW you'll soon come to the conclusion that making any serious amount of gold is going to take you ages. And, without the proper information, you would be right!

Gold making in WoW is all about locations and professions. You can grind away in some random spot and barely make 10 gold an hour or you can go to the best gold making spots and make 200 / hour – the only difference between these two options is your level of knowledge. And you'll always ever reach any serious level of gold making if you choose the wrong profession for your character.

There are many free guides on the Internet that will break down the process of earning gold in World of Warcraft. Most of these guides are useless for beginners. Why? They tend to be written for the player who has a high character level. They write about specific locations you can grind your way through in order to get a lot of gold. The problem is that if your character is still rather "fresh", and there weak, you will be attacked and killed before you get to these areas.

If you want to make a lot of gold, you must carry the largest bag available. Not only the largest bag, you need to carry as many bags as your character can. That means you need to get a hold of bags with the largest bag slots.

Next, you'll need to choose the right profession. In WoW, not all professions are created equally when it comes to their abilities to make gold. And starting out with a profession that is a bad fit for making gold is what keeps many players struggling when trying to make easy gold. The more popular professions for gold making are skinning and mining. These both work well. In addition, choosing any gathering profession is a great strategy to generating nice amounts of gold.

Next, you should start increasing your character's level. By getting your character's level over 12, you'll be able to venture into a lot of areas were the true gold is. One way to shortcut this process is to buy a leveling guide, and to follow the step-by-step instructions. This can save you days, even weeks and level your character up to 60 or 70 in a matter of days. Otherwise, you can of course always grind it out and figure it out on your own. Your choice. I recommend buying a guide;)

The key to success with character leveling is to complete multiple quests quickly. This means you must plan out what quests you will take on so you're not running all over the place and falling over your feet in the process. Plan out a strategy for tackling quests in a logical order and then attack them one by one.

Remember that gold farming is a long-term strategy. There's not a whole lot you can do with a ton of gold when you have a low character level. However, by accumulating the gold while you build your character's level, you'll be in a position to buy weapons and abilities that will make your character a powerhouse later on in the game.

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