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Emerald and Diamond Ring: A Unique Engagement Ring

An emerald and diamond ring is one of the most valuable and precious wedding or engagement rings available. Emeralds can be even more valuable than diamonds, and these two precious gemstones are often combined together in silver or gold rings. The green color of these gems looks beautiful with silver or white gold, and a combination of diamonds and emeralds in sterling silver or white gold is a stunning choice for an engagement ring or for a special gift.

Emerald is one of the most valuable of all gemstones. Its green color is very attractive and the deeper the green, the more valuable and thought after the stone is. Paler ones are often just called green beryl. The most valuable ones come from Colombia. Brazil and Zambia produce high quality emeralds too, although the color of the Brazilian emerald is usually lighter than that of the defect green Colombian variety. One of the most famous varieties of emeralds on the market is the Cat's Eye Emerald, a stone that has an effect of a cat's eye and is a very rare type of pale one.

Most emeralds have some flaws, and these are generally accepted even in high quality stones. Flawless emeralds are very rare and very expensive. Today most emeralds on the market are treated with oil to hide the flaws, and oil treatment is seen as an acceptable way to treat the stones. A flawless stone that is sold as an emerald but seems too cheap is probably a fake. Fake emeralds and synthetic emeralds are very common today, and other stones are often sold as emerald.

It can be very difficult to tell a synthetic stone from a genuine one and usually only a professional can tell the difference. Synthetic ones often have attractive names, including the Regency Emerald, the Kimberly and the Spanish Emerald, but the Spanish variety is just glass that has been dyed green to resemble an emerald. Sometimes other gemstones are passed as emeralds, including green sapphire and green fluorite. It is important to only purchase emeralds from a reputable dealer who can tell synthetic from a genuine stone, and who can prove the authenticity of the stone.

Because emerald is the birthstone for anyone born in the month of May, an emerald and diamond ring can be a unique and highly valuable birthday present. Most of the time diamonds and emeralds are combined together in wedding rings and engagement rings.

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