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Emotional Copywriting The Soul of Persuasive and Winning Sales Letter

The soul of your copywriting project must hinge on human emotion. Emotion is the highest power of the soul. When emotion overflows its banks, it floods the body and the human spirit. The human spirit is the origin of subconscious buying decisions while the body communicates the emotion of the heart to the hands to whip out the credit card necessary for purchase. People are unconsciously ruled by emotions and justify their decisions later with good reasons. Incorporate this strategy in your sales letter copywriting.

Emotion is defined as the agitation of passion or sensibilities. In your copywriting, emotion is the fuel that connects the heart and the hands. When you make the emotional connection, your browsers become buyers.

All your copywriting should aim to sell to human nature. The more you understand human nature, the more sales you make with your copywriting.

Human nature (emotions) + Psychology of thinking + numbers = Formula for success in the market.

Your copywriting must present emotional irresistible offer that creates the impulse that drives sells. People only buy what they want, when they need it; not what you think in your sales letter presentation.

A Copywriting headline is the emotional power house that grabs your prospects and forces them to pay attention. Your sales copy headline is the ad for your ad. It is the first attention getter. And if your prospect does not pay attention, it doesn’t matter. A weak or poorly crafted headline is the Achilles hill of emotional copywriting. A great headline should be specific, keyword rich with key benefits, directed to specific audience.

Human nature is wired in such a way that people only care for themselves. We are naturally selfish and self-centered. Killer sales copies talk about your prospects–their fears, frustrations, pitfalls, aspirations and successes.

In the body of your sales letter, you are encouraged to use power words in every paragraph. These emotional buy phrases must continue to engage the attention triggered by your headlines. You must use active and power words that shorten what you want to say in less time. Fire every unemotional word that is redundant.

Another place to pay attention in your emotional copywriting is your formatting techniques. (Note that testimonials are part of the body of your emotional copywriting). Use chunks of letters, bullets, tables, highlights and Johnson’s box for emphasis, readability and visual appeal. The brain seems to be overwhelmed when too much block of information is clustered or cluttered. That’s why the computer calls it bites and bytes because the human mind absorbs information in quanta–one at a time in an evolutionary pattern (the brain is a pattern recognition organ).

The climax to your emotional copywriting is your call to immediate action. It is a fancy way of asking for the sale. The same spot in the brain that controls emotion also controls hesitations. As such they are treated as one. Again, human nature wants to be told what to do and prefers where everything is well-ordered or prearranged. Remove all barriers, assume the risk, and add bonuses to create an irresistible offer. This is because human nature is need or greed-oriented and risk-evasive.

At the same time you must force deadline because 40% of prospects are chronic procrastinators not to talk of normal fears and hesitation because of previous experiences. Also create scarcity and rarity because human nature is not in a rush to buy stuff that is everywhere. Also give money back guarantee and the longer the time frame, the lesser the returns due to human weakness of procrastination and guilt. You must also state how the offer will be procured and that your payment process is secured. Know that the emotion of fear acts quicker than greed. Statistics show that 70% of people who brought out their credit cards to make a purchase never complete the process. You must allay people’s fear and anxiety in this day of identity theft.

Postscript, otherwise called your P.S. is where you summarize the key point of your copy and what you want the prospect to remember in your call to action above. P.S. is important because people don’t read; they scan your sales copy looking for the synopsis. Restate in a nutshell what makes your offer unique and why the prospect must buy immediately from you instead of your competitors.

Finally, know that emotional copywriting rise or falls on your use of colors in your sales letter. People make subconscious buying decisions based on emotion of color preferences. Color contrast and harmony must be observed in the overall concept of your graphics and sales copy. Use a lot of white space to give breathing space to the eye. Generally, women tend to make most buying decisions in the home and they tend to prefer flashy colors over dull ones. Red headline seem to get more attention than other colors. However, use red for accents and yellow for highlighting.

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