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Exercise For Stay at Home Moms, "Swing Into Action"

My sons and I were at the park yesterday and my youngest son wanted to swing. Grant is 19mths old. He was not old enough to swing on his own so I had him sit on my lap. I did not think we would be able to swing very high, however, he grabbed the chains and held on surprisingly tight. As I pumped I kept a close eye on how he was doing and before I knew it we were swinging pretty good. He was laughing and giggling and totally enjoying himself and that is when I noticed the burn. The muscle burn. The muscle burn in my upper legs, (quad muscles) and in my upper arms, (biceps). I was torn with emotion in that minute. I wanted to keep swinging because Grant was loving it so much. I was loving it because it reminded me of childhood, however, my arms! My legs! I felt like such a wimp I had to stop. I was immediately motivated with a new Mommy workout.

Today I sat on the swing next to my older son who is 5yrs old while my younger son napped. I was determined. I challenged myself to try and keep up with Him. The income? I could not do it! I was so tired and a little motion sick within 5 minutes! How old did I feel at that moment, I was laughing at myself and enjoying the moment of reflection. We did have a lot of laughs, and it was just as wonderful to feel like a kid again. My goal for my next swinging workout is 10 minutes and swinging "higher" than Owen.

So my challenge to you is: find a jungle gym or a park that can handle your amazing swing off. Make sure you have a wrist watch or a timer near by so you can keep track of your time. Get started, sit on the swing, grab on tight and "Swing into Action!"

On another note, if your child comes up with a game called "swing into action" and it happens to involve a strong rope that they have tied to the top of the jungle gym, make sure he / she does not tie it around themselves and make sure there is no possible chance their head or body could hit any sides or parts of the frame of the jungle gym or swing set while "swinging into action". It may land you in the ER for 7 stitches to the back of the head. I might be speaking from experience.

Suggestion: Stick to the mommy workout "Swing Into Action" and you are safe! Happy Swinging!

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