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Experience The Exquisite Beauty Of Moissanite Rings

Diamonds are forever – the shine is beautiful, but what about the style, and what if you do not have such a deep pocket? Still you want to experience the look and have the sheer glamour. In the twenty century diamonds are passé. Amongst the other available alternatives moissanite rings make the best choice – why? Moissanite rings are a very beautiful, classy, ​​elegant and affordable alternative to diamond rings.

Although some people feel that nothing symbolizes love like a diamond, most people can not tell the difference between moissanite rings and a diamond ring and this includes many jewelers also! The largest pro of moissanite is the cost. If you are on a budget, definitely look into this gem. Moissanite is beautiful enough to be used as a classy alternative to diamond at a fraction of the price.

Go For Moissanite Wedding Rings!

In fact moissanite is actually more refractive than a diamond, giving it more brilliance and fire than a diamond has.

Due to the extreme luster, durability and heat resistance properties of moissanite, it may well replace diamonds in pearl rings for decades to come. It has more luster than diamond and does not look like the fake stone that CZ [cubic zirconia] does. It is also very durable. It has a hardness rating of 9.25, almost as hard as a diamond and harder than the other gemstones.

Moissanite originally came from a meteorite in Arizona 50,000 years ago. It has not been found in large enough quantities naturally to be used for jewelry. So, moissanite used in jewelry is grown in labs. It is named after Dr. Henri Moissan the French Nobel Prize winner who discovered it. Most, if not all, moissanite on the market is lab created by Charles and Colvard.

For those who want the beauty, brilliance and durability of an exquisite jewel at a surprously affordable price – come, own a piece of this cosmic gem, which flare and brilliance can not be matched by anything on Earth! Find beautiful moissanite wedding rings, loose moissanites, moissanite rings, and more at great, discounted prices. Forget the mundane and go for a moissanite ring, you will have a stone from the stars amidst heavens!

Wear a moissanite ring and find out how it feels for yourself.

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