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Experience The Lord Of The Rings Filming Locations In New Zealand

New Zealand's landscape has always been one of the country's top selling points. Our natural beauty has made us one of the highest rated tourist destinations in the world and, in the past fifteen years, New Zealand has been the backdrop for popular media on an international level.

Kiwi prevalence in cinema has only worked to further boost an already booming tourism industry. Travelers come to discover the sets and locations from their favorite films and quickly fall in love with everything that the country offers from the people and the wildlife to the adventure sports and skiing.

Visit the Setting for the Lord of the Rings

As one of the largest film series ever made and the main reason that a lot of visitors settle on New Zealand as a holiday destination, the Lord of the Rings' filming locations are incredibly popular. With settings all around the country, visiting each destination is an excellent way to see almost everything during your visit and will give you the opportunity to spend some time in all regions over, from Auckland down to Southland.

As the largest city in New Zealand and the first stop off for most travelers, it's a great idea to look into car rentals at Auckland Airport to make traveling around the North Island as easy as possible. Go on the road trip of a lifetime and check out a few of these Lord of the Rings filming locations during your stay.

Tongariro National Park, Taupo

The first national park in New Zealand also happens to be the location of Whakapapa Ski Field where Isildur cuts the finger and the One Ring off of Sauron. Find Tongariro National Park on the northern side of Mt Ruapehu. Tukino skifield on the eastern side of the mountain is also where Frodo, Gollum and Sam first see the gates of Mordor.

Putangirua Pinnacles, Dimholt Road, Wellington Region

The Putangirua Pinnacles in Aorangi Forest Park is where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli ride and meet the Army of the Dead in The Return of the King. A feature in themselves, the Pinncales are a spectacular, eroded feature of southern Wairarapa that attract visitors whether they are interested in the films or not.

Hobbiton Movie Set

The Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, just south of Auckland, offers a tour of the fully rebuilt Hobbiton on real New Zealand farmland. Visitors can also experience what New Zealand farm life is like with a tour from the Alexander family. The property is home to thirteen thousand sheep and three hundred cattle.

See the locations for yourself and book your trip to New Zealand for a Lord of the Rings tour. Take New Zealand at your own pace by booking a rental car when you arrive and make traveling around the country as easy as possible.

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