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Exploring the Island on Menorca Holidays

Menorca is often referred to as the smaller counterpart to Majorca. It is located to the north east of the larger island, but it is no less desirable as a holiday destination since it has lots to offer to the visitor visitor wishing to explore.

Here are some fantastic destinations you should add to your list of places to visit during your time on the island.

Explore the S'Hostal Quarries

Lots of people on Menorca holidays take the opportunity to visit the S'Hostal quarries. These are sandstone quarries that were in full working order as recently as the early 90's. Rather than see the area fall into disuse and disrepair, an organization called Lithica took control of it. You can now visit the quarry and explore the gardens that are flourishing there.

Take time to sit in the Medieval Garden, nestling in the Quarry of the Prows, which hides many secrets from the outside world. It provides a sheltered and peaceful area to appreciate as you survey the surroundings. You can also find out more about the Labyrinth project and much moreides.

Visit the Nature Center of Menorca

Another must see place during Menorca holidays should definitely be the Nature Center of Menorca. The building once housed a slaughterhouse but it is now host to a variety of environmental exhibits that are relevant to the island. It is equally fascinating for both children and adults to visit while staying on the island. The museum also provides more information about the natural resources the island has to offer, shedding light on the fact that UNESCO listed the island as a Biosphere Reserve. The main exhibit here is permanent but there are also others that change all the time.

Relax in Es Freginal Park

If you have been on Menorca holidays before you may already be familiar with this stunning location. Located in Mahon, the capital of the island, the park offers the perfect opportunity for a more relaxing day away from the beach. It can be found inland not too far from the Me-1 which runs the length of the island. The park is very well-tended all year round and provides a lovely place to have a picnic during the summer months. You can appreciate the stunning flower beds the park is known for, and sometimes even enjoy a musical event or two. Look for news of performances taking place in Es Freginal Park during the summer months.

Where will you head to?

This island has a never ending list of stunning and fascinating destinations to head for. You can explore the Parc Natural de S'Albufera des Grau to the north east of the island, or visit the caves at Cala Morell in the north western corner. Wherever you decide to go you can be assured of an interesting and active trip. From historic destinations to modern day wonders, the island has lots to share with its visitors – and you are included!

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