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Faceted And Non-Faceted Jewelery For The Evening Get Together

So you have this get-together in the evening and you do not know what accessories would go best with your pretty evening gown. You pour all the contents of your jewelery box, inside out, and none of what you have looks to suit the occasion best. Even if you manage to find out something really dazzling and admirable, the ornament just does not match or complement your outfit. And then you are left with just one option – purchase more jewelery and that too too big big haste as time is running out.

Although, much as we love buying jewelery, selecting them in haste is simply not a good idea. How often have we faced such a situation as above? Often, you might say. But what can you do about it? In such situations, faceted and non-faceted jewelery can really prove to be a rescue. Let us see how that is possible.

First, let us take a look at what faces and non-faceted jewellery are. These are stones or gems that have flat cut surface. Being faceted, they have a sparkling effect on transparent stones. However, even translucent and opaque stones can also be faceted. Now what are non-faceted? Non-faceted is simply jewelery where the stones and gems used do not have flat cut surface or any geometric shape. Non-faceted gems do not have any flat polished face like cabochons.

Now, how is that helpful in times when you do not have any good jewelery going with your pretty evening gown? Well, for that you need to get a collection of lots of faceted and non-faceted jewelery. It goes with any kind of dress and occasion. There are really simple and plain ones, which you can keep for small parties with friends or family. And then there are real stylish and fashionable ones – which would simply turn heads wherever you go.

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