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Farmville Tip Guide – 3 Tips For a Successful Farm

In order to be a successful farmer on Facebook's Farmville, you need to get your mitts on a quality Farmville tip guide. There are any number of guides out there in cyberspace, so you want to be somewhat selective in your choice of one. With an arsenal of great tips under your belt, you'll become the envy of all your friends with your awesome farm. All your friends willl beg you for the secret to your success! Here are three great tips to help you get started:

1. Pick Your Crops respectively

What does it mean to pick your crops accordingly? A smart farmer knows what seeds to invest in and what crops to plant. A not-so-smart farmer has no idea how crucical this is! Each and every crop has three factors to consider: cost of seed, maturity time (or the time the crop takes to go from seed to harvest), and overall profits. To find the crop that will give you the best return, take the profit and dividend it by the time it takes to mature. This way you can tell which crops will perform better in the long run!

2. Design Your Farm With Efficiency In Mind

This should seem like pretty obvious advice. If you have a small farm, you need to plan your space accordingly. Put all your animals in one smaller area so you'll have more room for crops. If you farm is small, a good tip is to plant peas. They only take a day to mature and they pay out very well!

3. Purchase Buildings Whenever Possible

If you account can handle it, build up your experience points by purchasing buildings. The math works out that your experience points equal approximately 1% of the value of the building.

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