Fashion Sensation Favourite Hairstyles Of 2017

Favourite Hairstyles Of 2017

“I’ve always had a soft spot for cornrows, so instantly fell for Sam McKnight’s interpretation of the style at Balmain; three or four tight braids, slicked back into a chic, low ponytail. The ultra-glossy finish throughout the lengths of hair gave the edgy look a glamorous finish.” – Lottie Winter, acting deputy beauty and health editor
Alexander McQueen
“Medieval princess hair is a theme Alexander McQueen has explored before, but this season the wispy plaits and long spun-gold strands of hair so perfectly mirrored the loose, woven threads in the fabrics that the connection between the hair and the clothes felt utterly seamless.” – Nicola Moulton, beauty and health director
Issey Miyake
“Issey Miyake always makes technicality seem effortless and this season, with inspiration taken from the Aurora Borealis, each girl simply had a headband made of straightened hair that was dyed rich greens and purple with hair left flowing behind their shoulders. This gave a beautiful illusion of light and movement as the models walked. Simple but oh so effective.” – Flora Macdonald Johnston, acting beauty assistant
Max Mara
“The make-up and the hair at Max Mara worked so perfectly together to create a really healthy, wholesome look. I love how Sam McKnight raked the waves over to one side for a casual, weekend vibe.” – Lisa Niven, digital beauty editor
“Everything about the hair at Roksanda felt modern; the undone texture, the soft flyaways and the zig-zag of the natural parting. Plus, the fact that the key to recreating the look is to leave hair totally untouched makes it even more appealing.” – Lottie Winter, acting deputy beauty and health editor
Mimi Wade
“Mimi Wade’s collections always have an element of Hollywood glamour meets punk and this season was no exception. The perfect example of how to make a Fifties-influenced style feel modern – slicked and sprayed baby curls for fringes combined with messy finger waves gave the girls that added edge on the runway.” – Flora Macdonald Johnston, acting beauty assistant
“I always love a new variation on a classic ponytail, and Paul Hanlon’s looped ponies were every bit as poised and perfect as you’d expect for the Rochas woman. The black bows sitting atop them was a flourish that felt fresh rather than fussy.” – Nicola Moulton, beauty and health director
“I’m not normally a big fan of bright colours when it comes to hair, but the primary-hued extensions at Versace – custom-dyed by Josh Wood – offset the collection so well that I sort of fell in love with them.” – Lisa Niven, digital beauty editor

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