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Find Carrier Ductless Systems for Temperature Control at Home

Conventional air-conditioning systems and heat pumps make use of ducts to force hot and cool air as per the requirement. Carrier Ductless Systems, on the other hand, directly deliver air into different zones. They offer highly flexible solutions when compared with the other alternatives. Also known as split systems or split duct systems, they can be installed to control temperature very effectively in specific rooms. They also work well in buildings that have been using traditional ducted forced-air systems for a long time.


What do you get when you find Carrier Ductless Systems for your home?

Not only are ductless systems able to provide a more consistent year-round temperature control in homes or offices, but they are also energy efficient and environment friendly. They come with customizing options too, which further adds to their flexibility. They are indeed a very cost-effective way of replacing inefficient heaters and window units.


  • They help you in saving money.
    This is one of the major reasons why you should switch to ductless cooling or heating. They operate on much lesser power and that is why your utility bills tend to turn lighter. Apart from that, using ductless systems may make you eligible for tax benefits.


  • They are responsible for improving the indoor air quality.
    The air ducts used in conventional systems have to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, in case of the ductless versions, a multi-stage filtration drastically reduces allergens, dust and the presence of other particles in the air.


  • They can be easily installed.
    Instead of the usual week-long stages of installation, ductless temperature control can be installed quickly and more efficiently within as short a span as a day. Of course, it all depends a lot on the total number of units that need to be installed. In addition to that, they also cause lesser damage to the walls because multi-split types run on small pipes that only need a few-inch big hole to be fitted. In other words, it also reduces the concerns regarding the construction of walls or ceilings around ductwork.


  • They have been proven to lower your carbon footprint.
    As stated earlier, the compact dimensions of ductless systems make them more energy efficient and environment friendly. They abide by the standard guidelines of energy usage thereby saving your money and causing little harm to nature. In fact, some of the chemicals used in certain advanced models, cause zero depletion of the ozone layer.



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