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Five Techniques For Beading Stitch

Learning how to stitch beads is not only fun, but can open a whole world full of possibilities, however it can be very frustrating and could raise anxiety, especially if you are just learning and trying to teach yourself. Here are five techniques that will help you learn how to bead fast:

1. Light colored beads are very helpful because this will let you see the thread path easier and also will aid you to see where each bead is and where the next bead should go. So as a starter, use light colored bead threads.

2. As a beginner, start working with larger beads. A size 8 or 6 seed bead should be ideal instead of going straight to 15 or 11 sized seed beads.

3. Managing the thread could be very difficult, especially when it is thin. This could just lead to tangles and knots. A thicker thread like Nymo size D or Fireline 6lb test and C-Lon is much easier because this gives your beadwork some feel on the weight, so making it easier to manage and hold.

4. On your first try, use a short length of thread. Longer thread could lead to tangles and knots and will just make you feel fed up. You can start with a shooter thread because this will let you work quickly with ease and comfort.

5. Lastly, you need to take your time. Beading can be very tricky especially when you are impatient. You should take one step at a time and enjoy every stitch.

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