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Getting Rid of Head Lice – The Natural Way

Head lice can be a pesky problem for any parent of children who attend day care or school. No one ever thinks about lice until their child gets it, and addition to day care and school, even the cleanest children can contract head lice from places like:

play dates

birthday parties

sleep overs

It is bad enough if your child comes home with head lice, but even worse, most parents believe they need to use poisons to get rid of it. The following paragraphs will discuss some natural ways to get rid of head lice.

When trying to get rid of a case of head lice, killing the bugs is always the first step. Most parents do not know that mayonnaise is extremely effective in killing the lice bugs. Using mayonnaise stored at room temperature, the first step in killing the lice bugs is to cover your child’s hair with mayonnaise. When all of his/her hair has been saturated with the mayonnaise, put a shower cap on their head and leave it on for at least two hours. This not only smothers and kills the lice bugs, it also helps loosen the eggs the bugs have already cemented to your child’s hair.

After you have left the mayonnaise on your child’s head for at least two hours, the next step is loosening the nits, or lice eggs, even more. You should first try washing the mayonnaise out of your child’s hair with regular shampoo. This could take more than one washing. If you are having a lot of luck washing the mayonnaise out with regular shampoo, you can use dish washing liquid with very warm water. This is sometimes more effective in removing the mayonnaise than regular shampoo.

Do not use conditioner at this point. Instead, to help loosen the eggs that are still attached to your child’s hair, rinse their hair and scalp with white vinegar. The white vinegar will help loosen any nits that still exist. Rinse the vinegar out with hot water, but not water that is hot enough to burn the scalp. Use a regular comb to remove any tangles, and use a nit come to remove the nits.

If your child comes home with head lice, everyone in the household should be checked. Even the smallest nit can hatch and cause an infestation. This natural cure really works, and is not dangerous to your child’s health and well being at all.

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