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Getting Your Ex Back – Want Your Ex To Think About You So Much They Can not Wait To See You? Try This!

When it comes to getting your ex back, would not it be better if your ex could not wait to see you? Think about how your relationship started. You both had butterflies every time you saw each other. You had fun and everything was exciting and fresh. Would not it be great if you could start your relationship over and feel THAT again?

If you want your ex to think about you like they did when you first started dating, then you need a different approach to getting your ex back. You need to pull your ex toward you and have them thinking about you every step of the way. You have to approach getting back together like you did when you first started dating. But how?

First, you have to stop doing the same old things and expecting different results. No one goes through a relationship and break up without setting up patterns of behavior. The two of you have to look at each other with new eyes. It starts with you: can you look at your ex like you did when you first saw them? Can you get excited and nervous all over again? Can you think about what makes you attracted to your ex and what you love about them?

Once you have these things firmly planed in your mind, it's time to call your ex. This is most effective if you have not spoken in a while. Otherwise it may come across as too planned or insincere. So if you're calling your ex every day or if you've been trying to manipulate your ex to get them to talk to you, you have to give them a break first.

Now, you need to think of something about your ex that you really appreciate. Think about something that you've never really complimented them about before. Then, staying calm and collected, call them up. If they do not answer, leave a voice mail. But you need to tell your ex that you really appreciate something that they've done for you and would like the opportunity to thank them in person.

Do not say anything else, even if your ex answers the phone. Do not give away any details! It's really important that your ex have no idea what you are talking about. This way they will not be able to stand staying away from you. It will drive them crazy wanting to know what you are going to thank them for!

It will keep them up at night. Plus, the more flirtatious and happy you can sound, the better chance you have at getting your ex back. Everyone is attracted to someone who is fun, flirty, and appreciative!

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