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Gold Gathering in World of Warcraft After the Burning Crusade

Money making in World of Warcraft is a huge aspect of the game. There are hundreds of gold making guides out there, offering tips on where to go and what to do to make as much gold as you can carry and become a bigger, better player with much more expensive equipment. Since the release of The Burning Crusade expansion pack, the gold making game has changed a little bit for higher level characters to reflect the changes in the game itself.

While before asking was an option that greeted in nominal amounts of gold, The Burning Crusade made it much more viable as an option to fill your coffers to the brim. Stretching your characters from level 60 to 70 may not take quite as long as you had expected, but once you reach level 70 and the experience points stop rolling in, you'll notice that the gold income keeps coming and the quests do not stop . The new expansion pack has actually turned quest into an integral part of gold farming in the process.

With The Burning Crusade, professions like Jewelcrafting, Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning have become much more profitable, offering higher levels, better items, and much higher income for those that have developed their skills in the professions far enough. The importance of motes and primal has become a huge deal as well, with almost all level 70 crafting recipes requiring Primals – made up of 10 motes each – and endless supplies of motes to be farmed for those with the energy to do so. For those in the gathering professions, you might occasionally find the random drop of mote inside, a pleasant surprise for anyone farming for more gold.

The auction houses have always been a great stopping point for making gold, and that has not changed much with the expansion. Buying low and selling high are still the buzz words of the city and with them, you should be willing and able to put up the necessary funds to make more money. Look for whatever's low in stock and go farm it, building up your own stock and offering items to your server.

With the introduction of new content and the free availability of reputation items, grinding is a great way to make money as well, as it has always been. Because most people do not have the time and energy to farm and find those items, you can do it yourself and make large sums of money from the new Aldor and Scryer items filling up the world.

With any major game change, the methods for acquiring gold and advancing your characters will change slightly as well. Unfortunately, this means finding new methods of building up your coffers and learning more gold. For those who do not know though, The Burning Crusade expansion pack has actually made farming for gold that much easier and somehow even more fun.

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