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Hairstyle Tips: What Causes Bad Hair Days?

You get up and style your hair one day and it's perfect. All day long your hair moves just the way you want it to and you do not even have to try hard. The next day, you get up and style your hair the exact same way, but this time it looks like your hair has a mind of its own. What in the world has happened? It looks like overnight your hair went from celebrity-perfect to pathetic.

Some practical reasons for bad hair days will be discussed in the next few paragraphs. Knowing the reasons behind these bad hair days can help us to become better equipped to handle them when they do come along.

Most of us considering changing hair products when we encounter these bad hair days. After all, we have all heard the myths about our hair adapting to hair products and so maybe its time to try a new one. The fact is our hair does not adapt to hair products. The hair products actually build up in our hair over time and make it difficult for us to get our hair into that hairstyle that we love. The ingredients in conditioners and styling products cling to our hair do not get completely washed out during a regular shampoo. This build-up greatly affects the appearance of our hair. It can make it look straggly, limp, or greasy. The solution is to find a shampoo that is specifically made for ridding the hair of this build-up of hair products. Do not use this type of shampoo on a daily basis as it is too harsh for that. Once or twice a week will work just fine.

Another possible cause for bad hair days is hormones. Certain times of the month for women can be a problem. Usually the third week of a woman's cycle will trigger estrogen production which in turn will trigger increased oil production. This increased oil can cause the hair to look limp and lifeless again making it difficult to get that hair into its normal hairstyle. When excess oil production is to blame it may be necessary to shampoo a little more often or shampoo twice instead of once.

The environment is another factor in the bad hair day syndrome as if the hormonal thing was not enough. Excess humidity or dryness can cause changes in the hair as well. Taking a trip to a tropical island where the humidity is high can the hair to take on excess moisture. This can cause that nicely curled hair to go limp and flat or curly hair to go frizzy. Air that is very dry will cause the hair to release moisture as is the case when we spend time indoors during the winter and the heat is on. This loss of moisture will cause the hair to go flat and become sooner to static electricity. Taking the environment into consideration when selecting hair care products will help with the environmental factors.

Bad hair days are a real downer for many of us on occasion. The goal is to have as few of these as possible. Considering the excess build-up of hair styling products, the environment, and hormonal factors will hopefully help keep those pesky bad hair days to a minimum.

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