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Handmade Jewelery – it May Not Be As Expensive As You Thought

Like most women, I am a sucker for Jewelery. Costume jewelery, beaded jewelery, or sparkly high-end handmade jewelery, I am not fussed.

Until my recent engagement, and a tonne of research that I did investigating everything from jewelery designers for my engagement ring and wholesale jewelery stores for my bridesmaid jewelery I was pretty clueless about the different types of jewelery and where they came from.

I have always been one to frequent the chain jewelery stores, picking up many a piece of fashion jewellery to add my growing collection. I often have visited jewelers designers galleries' and high end jewelery stores only to have left empty handed and being too intimidated to even inquire about prices, let alone try on a piece.

When my fiancee (finally) proposed, we set out on a mission to find the perfect engagement ring. I wanted something original and one of a kind but I could not afford the huge price tag and I wanted it within a short time frame. (I mean, I have to have something to show off, right?) I thought this meant I was limited to cheaper chain stores, where I would have to buy something unoriginal out of stock, but we wanted to investigate every avenue.

We called around and made several appointments with different jewelers that I had claimed for awhile. And boy am I glad we did!

Making a one on one appointment with a jeweller is an exciting experience! Most jewelry designers that we met with were incredibly kind and patient with us, explaining everything from the types of stones available to the different varieties of metal I could choose.

But best of all – the price! I was pleasantly surprised that having a piece of handmade jewelery created was no more expensive than purchasing a chain-store piece out of stock, and I was able to have a ring exactly like I wanted. One of a kind!

It is so exciting to be able to have an engagement ring that I know is like no other out there. It is a far better quality that a cheap chain store ring, and it is very special to be able have worked one on one with the maker of my handmade piece.

From now on sometimes I will be frequenting handmade jewelery stores a little more often, and adding possibly some handmade earrings to my collection!

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