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Headblade Reviews – Is This Thing a Deal Or a Dud?

If you’re considering the HeadBlade razor, or are simply curious about it, then be sure to read my HeadBlade review and see what I have to say about it. I first came across the HeadBlade razor a couple months back at my local grocery store.

“That’s cool,” I said to myself as I examined the package. “I’ll have to try this out pretty soon.”

Wait, what the heck is a HeadBlade?

Before I go further, the HeadBlade is a yellow-orange colored razor specifically designed for shaving your head. The best way to describe the shape is like a mini tricycle that slips on your middle finger like a ring. The broad end of the device has a blade and the narrow end has two small matchbox car wheels. The HeadBlade glides over the head with the wheels in contact with the scalp at all times.

My Head Shaving Background

My hair had started to thin out on top over the past two years and two months ago I began shaving my entire head. I really like the look now and have noticed many other middle aged men sporting the bald look too.

Okay, back to the HeadBlade review…

I finally got around to picking one up. The model I bought was the Sport model which comes with the wheels. I eagerly opened the packaging for my first HeadBlade shave. Special HeadSlick shaving cream is available but I opted not to buy it, though the labeling on my HeadBlade package suggested it.

So what did I think of the HeadBlade?

I’ll start with the bad. There is a slight learning curve to this device. I found myself pressing too hard on the blade end, which you are only supposed to use pressure on the wheels. This resulted in some cuts in the beginning, but is now no problem.

The HeadBlade finger loop is advertised to adjust to fit your finger. Despite much effort, there is little movement in the plastic ring and it continues to be rather loose on my finger.

The HeadBlade comes equipped with a three blade razor blade. The problem I had with it is that cut hairs would easily jam up in the blade and not wash out easily. This is because the blades are very close together and there is poor access to wash the blade out from the back. This was a big problem and almost caused me to stop using the HeadBlade.

The last trouble I had with the HeadBlade was around my ears. The bulkier shape of the HeadBlade made it difficult to get a good shave around my ears. (I continue to have to use a traditional razor to finish off that area.)

Well, that sounds like a negative review so far, but it’s not over just yet.

The HeadBlade makes for a quick shave. The wheel feature is cool and after a couple of practice tries, the device is easy and fun to use. Best of all it works!

My trouble with the three blade razor blade was quickly corrected because the HeadBlade is compatible with Gillette’s Atra Plus two blade replacements. These are much better in my opinion that the original three blade version that comes with the HeadBlade. These replacement blades are also rather affordable.

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