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Healthy Weight Loss Tips – The Universal Basic Concept of a Sound Diet

It is no secret that some of the diets being pushed today are not only a little strange, but can be downright dangerous. Some fad diets require eating only one food item or consuming a liquid for all meals for a few days. The one thing most fad diets share in common is amazing claims. Losing large amounts of weight in less than a week is a common selling point. However, the methods used by many of these diets are not always healthy.

Some extreme diets cause imbalances in the electrolytes inside the body. Others cause dehydration, ranging from minor to severe. Those based on a particular food or drink can be unsafe due to missing nutrients that the body requires to function properly or rebuild. Diets are not subject to strict quality control measures. Anyone can develop a diet and make outrageous claims. A diet can make a claim like "Lose 10 pounds in 3 Days" if they can show that one person did on the diet, or even if based on some skewed research or study the system should work to do that. This is not false advertisement at that point.

But, the bottom line is that a diet should be about health. Losing weight to become healthier is a wasted endeavor if you end up in the hospital with kidney failure, severe dehydration, or electrolyte imbalances. It is important to base any diet plan on sound nutritional practices. The definition of what good nutrition is continues to be a hotly debated topic. Even so, there are some basic concepts that are universal.

Sound nutrition means following a plan that will result in improved health overall. Weight loss alone can not ensure improved health. It is certainly a large part of any health improvement plan for a person who is overweight. But, how that weight loss achievable is very important. Choosing a plan that requires you to eat only one chocolate cupcake at each meal, while it may be a tasty diet, will result in very poor blood sugar control, a slowing metabolism, and poor health. While a person on that diet might lose weight for a short time, they will be rotting their teeth, driving blood sugar levels up, and missing many key nutrients needed for optimum performance.

A diet program based on eating whole, natural foods will result in a good array of choices with all of the nutrients required. Diet bars, shakes, or other drinks can not replace whole foods. These items may supplement a diet plan for those times when finding food may be difficult, but should not be the basis of the diet. Whole foods contain the naturally occurring nutrients needed to keep the engine running properly. These are foods in their natural state presented in the way they were meant to be ateen.

A diet plan based on sound nutritional practices will result in much better long-term results and, more importantly, better overall health. Fad diets may promise large amounts of weight lost in a short amount of time, but most just do not work. The health trade-off of most fad diets is not worth it. Lose weight to improve health, but use a sound nutritional plan to ensure a healthy, effective weight loss plan.

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