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Homemade Elvis Presley Halloween Costume Guide

If you decide to dress up as the young Elvis Presley for Halloween the first thing you'll want to do is find pictures and video of his early performances. Unfortunately, there is not much video out there, because its performance style and dancing moves, were too sexually suggestive. When he appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, the camera was instructed to shoot him only from the waist up so that it could be broadcast as family entertainment.

Now that you've seen some video, you have a basic idea of ​​what you're going for, and we can begin to assemble the outfit. You can wear either the sleek black suit or a jacket and pants, but there are a few requirements. The jacket must be loosely fitted and can be either all black or all white or light a cream or very light yellow or beige will do). The tie, if you wear one should be skinny, as this was the fashion then. Most importantly, the pants must be wide legged and loose enough to allow much movement. In many videos of Elvis, he typically stands with his legs spread wide. This ends up accentuating the movement of his legs whenever it's shaking or tapping to the beat.

The imperative for an Elvis costume at any point in his career is the hair. You absolutely must have a perfect black pompadour with the small piece at the front floating around. It's even better if you begin your night with the perfectly slick hairdo, and through the fervor of your spot on Elvis impersonation. If you can not get your hair to like like his, you may have to get an Elvis wig, but there are many great sources for fabulous Halloween costume wigs online.

For Halloween night, depending on your plans, you may want to bring a prop. The best Elvis props are guitars, or microphones. While a guitar makes it possible to sing Elvis' songs with accompaniment, it can be cumbersome and you can also sing and have more freedom to dance if you only use a microphone, if you feel you need a prop at all, that is.

You'll want to make sure that you hone some of Elvis' signature dance moves, especially if you're going to a party on Halloween night. If you watch videos of his early material, especially "Jailhouse Rock", which he choreographed himself, you'll see that he uses a lot of hip movement, and often bends his knees and sometimes shakes them during performances. If you're wearing loose pants and dance this way, you'll be sure to attract plenty of attention from the ladies. If you're feeling particularly racy, you may even stuff your pants. It was rumored that Elvis had a pipe sewn into his pants to suggest that he was supremely well endowed. Whether he did or did not his dance moves and performance style made women crazy.

While Elvis was commonly known as a sex symbol, his fame was really instigated by his velvety voice and playful lyrics. If you're dressing up as Elvis for Halloween, it's a great idea to practice singing some of his songs. Pick the ones you like best and learn the words. Practice lowering your voice and mimicking his singing style. The best songs for a young Elvis to sing are Jailhouse Rock, Love me Tender, Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel, and Are you Lonesome Tonight.

Incorporate all of these elements into your Elvis Halloween costume, and you're sure to have the hit of the night!

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