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Hot X Buns – What Are They and Why Do We Celebrate With Them? What Started This Easter Treat?

Hot X Buns.

A favorite of most everyone from the very young to the older generation.

The supermarkets sell them almost all year round. You must have seen them – those little stale round buns often sold in 12 or 18 packs, with dark almost burnt crosses on top that do not look very nice and taste even worse. Those that are often made as much as 10 days before arriving at the supermarket and offered for sale.

But where do they come from and what really is the significance of the Hot X Bun.

They are a sweet bun, made from an enriched yeast dough, that contains yeast, flour, sugar, shortening, a little salt and a delicate mixture of spices, currants, orange and lemon peel. Which before baking are piped with a batter to form a cross on top.

The cross is supposedly to be almost white after baking and the bun top a light reddish golden brown color, finished with a light SSSS That stands for super tailored sugar solution. This makes the bun look quite glossy and quite appealing to the eye. They are usually baked in batches that when look at in a perfect light would seem to form squares or like a stained glass window.

It is said that these buns were first introduced into society by the monks of English monasteries in days long since gone by. Many people believe that these buns are to celebrate the rising of Christ at Easter.

While other believe that the buns were made to honor peace after the battles of the middle ages. And the cross represents the shaking of hands or as they once did the clutching of the sword arm of the victor and vanquished.

However, you perceive the reason for these lovely buns we call Hot X Buns, even though they are not hot in the sense of the word meaning heat, makes no difference. To the scratch baker they are a familiar site and a seasonal contribution to the bakery and a great source of pride to me when I made them in my bakery. As I am sure they are to many other bakers in the know.

In fact my staff soon got to know the reason why the tray of forty buns was missing a half dozen buns when they came to pack or sell our Hot X Buns.

Yep. You guessed it. I could not resist the temptation.

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