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How Do You Get a Girl Back If You're Not a Gorgeous Millionaire?

It's a good question, is not it? How do you get a girl back if you're not a gorgeous millionaire? If you forget about the movies and just concentrate on real life and what's happening around you, it's always the rich or handsome guy that wins the girl. But Here's a wonderful secret: every guy has the power to take complete control of his love life. If you want to get a girl back then you can certainly do it, and you will not need plastic surgery or a million dollars (come to think of it, you can not get the former without the latter) to do it.

You just need to consider the tips below.

Tip # 1: Get a girl back by telling her the truth.

Most of the time, it's really as simple as that. You can have your ex back in your life just by telling her the truth. Of course, for many guys that's easier said than done. Pride, for one thing, is something that's extremely difficult to swallow. If your last part had been filled with acrimonial words and you may have told her that you would not want her back even if she were the last woman on earth then yes, taking it back would be extremely painful.

But ask yourself this – which do you think would hurt more and hurt longer, swallowing your pride or having her still missing from your life?

Tip # 2: Get a girl back by showing you've changed for the better.

Again, you need to be perfectly honest with yourself. You should forget about pride, too. Yes, it's true that she should love you as who you are. But is being alcoholic or a jerk your true identity? Is that the kind of person you want to be known as? If you do not want that then would it be so hard to do what she's asking you and change for the better?

Tip # 3: Get a girl back by showing her you can move on.

Sometimes, the shoe's on the other foot and it's your ex who's got a huge problem with pride. She's too proud to ask you back, and you know that you can not ask her first because you've already given in first too many times.

If you want your relationship to last the second – or third – time around then you have to do things right this time. If she's been taking you for granted in the past, now's the time to prove to her that you will not stand for it.

Tip # 4: Get a girl back by giving her space.

Surely you've heard the line, "It's not you, it's me." And maybe she even told you that. If so then maybe you should really listen to what she's saying and give her the space she needs. Sometimes, a person just needs to distance himself – or herself in this case – to see and understand things more clearly.

Given enough time and space, your ex will soon realize where – and with who – she really belongs.

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