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How Does Boots No 7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream Work?

Product Details
The bulldog is synonymous of British success, and so is this product that ails from the queens’ land. Boots no7 is an anti wrinkle formulation that combines serums, oils, lotions, creams and masks. Boots is a pharmaceutical chain based in the Great Britain and initially produced this single as a Protect and Perfect anti wrinkle cream. The name stuck to this product however and it has since been referred to as Boots No 7, protect and Perfect. Its release was successful I Britain and when it hit the shelves in the US, this product was sold out in less than a week.

Boots No 7

It’s Formula
Most skin care products share the same ingredients as these serve toward the same end. Sources of these ingredients might differ, but that doesn’t affect their effectiveness as ingredients. Among the top most common ingredients in skin care include; aqua, caprylyl glycol, panthenol, hydroxyethylcellulos and glycerin. Counting these as the active ingredients, Boots No7 goes on to mix it up with several oils, lotions, creams, serums and masks that all work in their different capacities to cut down the aging compounds. Like most other products in this category, the effectiveness will be dependent on your lifestyle, especially your water intake.

How it Works?
The basic working formula for this cream is teamwork. Serums are included due to their fast absorption rates, creams are used as they have a large vector gradient, oils are used to carry specific minerals and vitamins, masks are used to conceal and mind the ingredients. With each allocated its general task, this product works to transform your skin to its youngest possible state.


  • Advantages of using boots no 7 include;
  • It is an internationally acclaimed brand.
  • It has been tested both in the US and Great Britain and is free of most side effects similar products would have.
  • Boots no 7 has a variety of angles geared on helping your skin recover from wrinkles and not only one as most others.


  • The disadvantages of using the Boots no7 range are as follows:
  • This product contains very many ingredients that can interact under certain circumstances to cause very bad side effects.
  • Being that it is manufactured abroad, stocking is harder and delays on deliveries are inevitable.
  • Boots No 7 range of skin care products are very highly concentrated, if overused, they can cause much more damage than good to your health.
  • These products are quite expensive.

Its Reviews
This is one of the few products that s global in nature, and has a wider variety of reviews about it. According to the BBC review, the Boots No 7 series of skin care non pharmaceuticals is so good that they actually may qualify to be pharmaceutical products. Independent reviews here in the states don’t quite agree as they seem to give much credit to the Boots No 7 range, but only as much as the local products. These reviews give a hint that Boots No 7 range lacks the consumer touch that the American based products have. Personal reviews are also available, most seem generic and are quite content with this product.

Is it Really Effective on Wrinkles?
Boots No 7 anti-wrinkle cream is one of the few effective creams in the market that have come from overseas. This is owed to the fact that its formulation is not only very effective but also contains multiple ingredients that work together. Its active ingredients do work to stimulate your body to keep working in the order it used to work when you were still young. Alongside a physically active lifestyle, you are bound to experience proactive re-growth of elastic skin. Its effectiveness is however based on your physical activeness and healthy lifestyle. Like all the other anti aging or anti wrinkle formulations, you need to work out help by keeping away all possible toxins.

All in All
Though more disadvantages have been listed than advantages, the British bulldog is still faithful to its duty of making sure you look younger. It is however necessary that you avoid using this product if you are expectant or lactating as it contains very many chemicals.

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